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Our company

The compagny

DIGGER DTR is based in Switzerland, in the Bernese Jura region called "Watch Valley", cradle of the precision mechanics industries and of the most prestigious Swiss watch-making manufacturers.
Our demining machines are produced in that very same place where quality, technology and love of a well-done job are part of the cultural heritage.


Laser cutting


Installation of a motor

Electrical wiring

Laser cutting



Electronic assembly

Quality-control follow-up at each production step

DIGGER DTR has the unique ability to possess all the know-how related to the manufacture of its machines, so avoiding dependence of subcontractors.

From welding to painting, including electronic, we carry out every step of our products.

We pride ourselves on truly ensuring a high level IT quality-control follow-up at each production step of our machines as well as for each component and for its assembling procedures. This is the keystone, guarantor of the reliability of our machines on the ground.

Research and Development

CAD of mechanical parts

Hydraulic CAD


Creative, competent and experienced, the team members of the Research and Development Department are coming from the top-rank technical schools of the country.

Our engineers master every detail, they don't hesitate to get their hands dirty when they have to go to the field for testing what they have developed and built. Mechanics, hydraulic, diesel engine, resistance of materials, electronics, information technology, etc..., we manage internally all these sectors.