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DIGGER D-250 in action...

... in Mali

... in Sudan

The machine

More powerful, with more performing tracks, the DIGGER D-250 is based on the experience gained over  three generations of previous machines. It is the result of ten years of field feedbacks integration giving high efficiency even under extreme environmental conditions.

Equipped with a 250 hp engine, weighting less than 12 tonnes, it can be transported by 6x6 truck (without trailer). Relatively small in size in regards of its high power, it fits in a 20 feet ISO shipping container, without disassembling tools.

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Out-performed at all points by the recent demining tillers, the flails are sometimes still requested by some users, for complementing the work of the demining tiller or by historical tendency.

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The demining tiller is the primary tool. Besides its high efficiency and its tungsten carbide wearing parts commercially available and therefore reducing drastically the operating costs,  its ease of use guarantees a perfect work.

The Twin-Pikes concept developed by DIGGER DTR in 2011 and tested in numerous operations,  has definitely marked a technological breakthrough in the sector.

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Bucket, forklifts, etc.

With the Caterpillar© Quick Lock™ Coupler, different standard tools can be fixed on our machines’ front arms. Buckets, forklifts, etc. can be attached to the front of the vehicle, so it can be used as a basic armoured excavator for work in dangerous areas with mines and UXO contamination.

Tool frame

The tool frame is the support frame of the demining tool. Wether you opt for a tiller or a demining flail, the support frame remains the same, thus reducing your costs if you wish to work with the two tools.

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Safe remote digging and excavation of heavy and potentially dangerous devices.

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Rear blade with integrated winch

The agricultural type coupler fixed on the rear of the  DIGGER D-250 offer a multitude of application possibilities. The rear blade is the ideal tool for soil levelling, clear areas and opening pathways by pushing rubble. Equipped with a very powerful hydraulic winch, it allows tree stumps removal, free the machine if it becomes stuck, towed other vehicles, moving from distance suspected booby-trapped vehicles (V-IED), …

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Camera and ultra-high-precision GPS

The camera and ultra-high-precision GPS (2cm nominal) is the ideal tool for control assistance. Based on the field experience, entirely developed by DIGGER DTR, this system is easy to operate, tailored to non technical staff.  In supervisor mode, it allows managing quality assurance by memorizing every second worked by operators and, providing possibility, with just one click, to generate comprehensive activity reports  including all  data provided by the machine and the GPS in IMSMA format or other.

In case of dense dust, blind piloting is possible thanks to the GPS. In such working conditions, the production gain is estimated at more than 30%.

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Tailor-made, depending on your needs

The DIGGER D-250 is before all a multifunctional platform leading to a wide spectrum of use with almost no operational limitations. Within this context, DIGGER DTR can adjust or develop a range of tailor-made tools, according to each customer specific needs, whether on mechanical, electronic or computing equipment level.