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Operator in the car with the controls

Range of possible machines


SCRAPER is a standardized electronic device that can be mounted on almost any construction machines in order to turn it into a remote-controlled machine. The operator wears virtual reality goggles and can pilot the machine from a safe distance, in a remote control station adapted to reproduce the cabin's working environment. This ensures immediate results through a quick adaptation to the new system. The stereoscopic camera in the cabin of the machine provides a high level of precision during manoeuvers and guarantees total immersion.

The modification on the hydraulic system of the machine is quick and and the cost of a such an investment is small compared to the price of a new machine. After the modification, the system is activated in a few minutes. Both new and second-hand machine are suitable for this modification. It is important to note that the machine will remain completely usable and fully functional forconventional use from the cabin.

The SCRAPER system was first designed to accelerate the reconstruction of destroyed cities by providing a safe way for operators to clear the rubble of hidden explosive traps or unexploded ordnances. However, the potential of SCRAPER extends beyond this by also offering a way to dispose safely of radioactive or chemical materials, in case of spillages for example, or when operating near a collapsing building. All these situations require remote-control of the machine in order to guarantee total safety.

The SCRAPER system includes:



Tech specs

Operational range Line of sight, 300 m

Hydraulic functions 8 bi-directional functions (16 valves)

Hydraulic pilot pressure range 30 - 50 bar

Direct control of main hydraulic system possible up to 250 bar

Electro-hydraulic control curves Fully customizable and user-friendly

Operator interface

On Screen Display (OSD) RPM engine, engine coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, fuel level, artificial horizon

Type of camera and resolution Stereoscopic, up to 4 K

Controls (depending on the type of machine) Joysticks, steering wheel, pedals


Geolocation GPS or GPS-RTK (2 cm accuracy)