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The SMART Mine Detection Dog (MDD) system consists of an embedded electronic device mounted on a wearable harness. With the equipped GPS and audio system, the handler can give vocal commands to the dogs using VoIP technology at a distance of up to 100 meters in medium vegetation. This allows handlers to get rid of the leash, which has always been an obstacle limiting the dog's efficiency.

On the Android smartphone, the handler monitors the map, the live camera feed and relevant statistics, all in real time. The built-in wireless transmitter creates a hotspot allowing the communication and exchange of data to be managed via a computer over Wi-Fi. All the statistics such as the area covered, the area left to cover, the dog's position, the GPS coordinates of probable mine alerts given by the dog and the live video feed, are all recorded  and stored in a consolidated databse. Once the work is completed, an IMSMA compatible report can be easily generated and maps can be exported to several standard GIS formats (kml and shapfiles).

IMSMA (Information Management System for Mine Action) is an  information management tool aiming to supply decisionmakers with appropriate information regarding field action, standards, guides, good practice, etc. The system was developed by the GICHD (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining) and helps operational planning by gathering information from all parties involved in mine action. The effectiveness of the SMART system is proven by this systematic integration of all recorded data in a tracking system providing precise information for further investigation.

With the new SMART system, developed with experts of the GICHD, procedures involving lengthy and expensive ground preparations to enable the dog's access to an area are no longer compulsory. The deployment of a free-running dog accelerates the search of large areas, which would significantly reduce the excessive use of clearance resources in areas that may not contain landmines and/or explosive remnants of war. In conclusion, the SMART harness could potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars globally, by simply giving clearance teams a starting point.

One set is delivered in three highly resistant cases, including :



Physical data

Weight system (with harness) 900 grams

Harness material Cordura ®

Casing material Flexible Polyurethane

Size Base harness for Belgian or German shepherd, other sizes on request


Autonomy 4 hours

Type Interchangeable 2 cells Li-ion battery pack

Number of battary packs 2

Charging time 2 hours to 90% charge

Protection Integrated protection chip and rugged PUR enclosure


Sensor CMOS

Sensor power consumption Low, 0.12W

Resolution 640x480 @ 60fps

Lens Wide angle 163° diagonal, anti-fog and with hard coatings

Streaming format H.264


WiFi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n

GPS network GPS and GLONASS

GPS accuracy Standalone mode, 5m/PPP, DGPS mode, 1m

Communication range Line of sight, 150m/Dense vegetation, 70m

Software integration

Digger Operation Management Environment (DOME) Database and operation management tool capable of storing data from multiple dogs simultaneously

DOME Android client Information and statistics on the dog, area covered, coordinates of alerts, etc